Time to bond with your newborn is not guaranteed in the United States. Most men cannot afford to lose the wages staying home would require. Sam Coltrane, interim president of the University of Oregon, notes that fathers who bond early remain engaged with their children later in life. Generation Y men are bucking the stigma of the aloof father, despite lingering concerns about losing out at work. “Gen Y men rated day-to-day flexibility even higher than Gen Y women,” says professional services executive, Karyn Twaronite. “They would be more likely to leave a company if day-to-day flexibility was not offered. I don’t know that we would have seen that 10 years ago in the workplace.”

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A concerned father asks Dadsdivorce.com whether fathers have the same rights as mothers, prior to the final resolution of the marriage. He wants to know, for example, if he may collect his children at his soon-to be ex’s home, or that of her family, without issue. Dadsdivorce.com informs him that most states uphold joint and equal rights to the children of a father and mother. When the legal divorce proceedings commence, so do the issues. Parents are then accountable for court orders proving joint custody and parenting time. Complications also arise the more friends and family get involved. The father is advised to consult an attorney to ensure his rights.

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Requirements for Alimony – Can it be a Good Thing?

August 1, 2014

Texas courts have not been fans of divorce-related alimony for years. However, more recently, the state’s courts have conceded that certain circumstances justify alimony, named “spousal maintenance:” ·      1. Situations involving a spouse who is a victim of domestic violence. ·      2. Situations in which the requesting spouse has a lack of income for “minimum […]

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4 Tips for Helping Kids Back to School After a Divorce

July 28, 2014

The return to routines and school schedules is already pressure filled; add a fresh divorce to the mix, and you find you’re in need of a few helpful pointers for navigating your new life. Try these: 1.     Tell the school. Administrators, counselors, and teachers will be better allies if they are aware of home life […]

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Wife Claiming Abuse – Should He Leave the Home or Stay?

July 25, 2014

She says you hit her. You say you didn’t. Should you leave home or stay? What decisions are in the best interest of you and you children, before you head to divorce court? It’s difficult to know without the clear direction of an attorney. Usually, these situations provide little in the way of witnesses or […]

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Why Your Judge Matters

July 21, 2014

Try not to be irritated when your lawyer asks, “Who’s your judge?” It is a very important question. As you discuss your judge, listen carefully to what others have to say about this person. Your case may be affected by who presides over your divorce. Your judge’s thoughts on courtroom protocol impact how and when […]

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Homebuying Before, During & After Divorce

July 18, 2014

Take the steps necessary throughout divorce proceedings to physically separate. Consider the move ahead in the following three stages: ·      Before Make all critical, legal agreements necessary with your spouse. Develop a solid financial statement, separating debts and assets. Pay off as much as possible, clearly define debts, and keep records of divorce expenses. ·      During […]

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When a Prenup Gets Thrown Out

July 14, 2014

You don’t have to live with a bad prenuptial agreement. It is definitely worth your time and effort to have a good lawyer reexamine the terms. If you find that the pre-nup significantly reduces the amount you would have received without the agreement, then you should take measures to have the pre-nup set aside. Besides […]

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How Facebook Is Busting Deadbeat Dads

July 11, 2014

If you want to stay under the “deadbeat dad” radar, don’t flash your cash on Facebook. There seem to be some fathers who fail to see the wisdom in hiding their funds from social media, even though they’ve been hiding them from the child support office. They also seem to be unaware that the money […]

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The #1 Secret Weapon and Surprising Best Friend In Your Divorce

July 7, 2014

When the financial realities of divorce must be accepted and managed, it’s easy to get caught up in feelings of entitlement, sentimentality, and a desire to “win.”  The best plan moving ahead is tied closely to your calculator. The fact of the matter is, the numbers don’t lie. It is crucial to your future happiness that […]

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